Welcome to the Burts Bees Hive Helpers Program

Hi there and welcome to Hive Helpers! Hive Helpers is a recently launched program designed by Burt's Bees to allow you to try our products for FREE, sometimes before anyone else even knows about them, in exchange for your honest reviews and feedback. You were invited because people on Burtsbees.com trust your opinion and value your honesty, and we want to give you a chance to share some more. As a Hive Helper, you'll be periodically invited to choose products to sample at completely no cost to you. Pretty cool deal, right?

When a product is not yet available to the general public, your opinion will be among the first we receive. In that case, we'll save your reviews and post them on Burtsbees.com once the product is available there.

Burt's Bees does not influence the opinions of Hive Helpers Members, nor do we modify or edit reviews. All reviews collected through this program will be labeled as such on Burtsbees.com.